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While typically not found in Huntsville, heartworm is trending further north each year. Heartworm is transmitted by pesky mosquitos that inject a larval stage into the body, where it eventually migrates to the heart.

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If a dog has heartworms, what symptoms should I look for?

Symptoms to watch for would include coughing and exercise intolerance.

How does a dog get heartworms?

Infected mosquitos transmit heartworms into the body that slowly migrate as they mature.

What are the treatment options for heartworms?

There are a couple of different options for treating heartworm. Your dog could be prescribed heartworm prevention medication. It will prevent your dog from infecting other dogs and will also help with preventing the heartworm from getting worse. The other option is to get rid of the microfilaria and adult worms.

Why is recovery for heartworm treatment so challenging?

Recovery can be challenging because after the adult heartworms are killed, the body has to deal with breaking them down and ridding them from the bloodstream. As they die, there is potential for the body to have a significant reaction. A smaller heartworm burden may not be as challenging to treat.

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