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Cat lying down and looking up

Cat Neutering and Spaying

Spaying or neutering your cat is a great way to keep the population of cats under control, but also prevents your cat from serious illnesses and diseases.

Kitten sleeping in a blanket

Kitten Vaccinations

Kitten vaccines are important because kittens lose any immunity they had while they were nursing from their mom. Vaccines help protect them going forward. Contact Us When should kittens get their first vaccination? Kittens should come for their first complete physical exam and vaccines at 8 weeks old. How often...

Cat getting a vaccination

Cat Vaccinations

Even if your cat stays indoors, they need to be vaccinated against Rabies as it is required by law. There are diseases that can be transmitted by air (upper respiratory diseases) so it is safest to fully protect your cat by vaccinating.

Cat Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a very difficult decision to make, and the team at Muskoka Animal Hospital are here to support you through the process of saying goodbye.