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Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Examining your pet’s urine will allow us to monitor your pet’s health status with respect to liver, kidney, and bladder diseases. Checking fecal samples allows us to determine whether your pet has internal parasites, which is important because some of them are zoonotic.

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Why are canine fecal examinations recommended yearly?

Fecal examinations are recommended on a yearly basis to screen for internal parasites. Your dog can get these parasites from other dogs, wildlife, or rodents most commonly found through fecal to oral contact. As some parasites are quite resistant and can withstand many different environmental changes, your dog could still be at risk days after the infected animal has been in the area. One critical thing to remember is that some parasites can be transferred from dogs to humans.

If my dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection, what can I do?

If your dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection or “UTI”, their veterinarian will prescribe medication to treat the infection. Often, to ensure the infection has been resolved, a follow-up urine culture may be required when the medications have been finished.

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