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Veterinarian looking at x-ray image and dog owner petting a dog

Dog X-ray and Ultrasound

Diagnostic imaging plays an important role in the day-to-day. It helps us in the process of investigating medical cases.

Two surgeons performing surgery

Surgery Service for Dogs

What types of surgical services do you provide for dogs? At Muskoka Animal Hospital, we provide many different surgical services for dogs, such as general spays and neuters (both offer laser options), orthopedic surgeries, cherry eye surgery, and more. We also offer dental treatments, starting with your basic cleaning to...

Pug lying down and sticking its tongue out

Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Examining your pet's urine will allow us to monitor your pet's health status with respect to liver, kidney, and bladder diseases. Checking fecal samples allows us to determine whether your pet has internal parasites, which is important because some of them are zoonotic.

Sad black dog lying down

Dog Anal Gland Expression

All dogs have anal glands, which are small sacs inside their anuses. They are there to help lubricate the passing of a dog's bowel movement and act as a fingerprint for other dogs to identify them. If they become filled, your pet will become uncomfortable and they will need to...